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What can I do if I'm concerned about the treatment of animals in a film, television or theatrical performance?

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Last updated: 24 Apr, 2019
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There are many instances where animals are used during the making of a film, a TV program, the theatre or in advertising. The RSPCA believes that animals used in these situations must not be caused any injury, suffering or distress for the purpose of their performance or associated training.

The controls over the use of animals in film, television, theatre or advertising vary between each state/territory.

NSW - Code of practice for the welfare of animals in films and theatrical performances.  This code applies to all animals used in the production of films, TV, theatrical performances and photographs 

Victoria - Code of practice for the welfare of film animals. This Code applies to the use of animals in the production of films for cinemas, television, recreational or educational purposes, including features, documentaries, serials, videos and advertising commercials.

ACT - Animal Welfare (Animals Used on Film Sets) Code of Practice 2010. This Code provides general guidelines on the minimum standards of management and care appropriate for animals used on film sets.

For other states/territories you should contact the State Department responsible for animal welfare in that State.

NOTE: If you are concerned about the welfare of an animal, suspect animal cruelty or that an animal is suffering please contact the relevant state RSPCA Inspectorate as soon as possible: http://www.rspca.org.au/report-cruelty

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