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RSPCA Policy G1 Humane killing

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Last updated: 28 Mar, 2018
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 1.1 RSPCA Australia advocates for the humane treatment of all animals at every stage of their life, from birth through to death.
 1.2 RSPCA Australia defines humane killing as when an animal is either killed instantly or rendered insensible until death ensues, without pain, suffering or distress.

Humane killing must employ methods that:

  • ensure that any handling, transport and/or restraint of the animal is carried out in a manner that avoids pain, suffering or distress, including to other animals
  • are reliable
  • use equipment that is in good working order
  • are carried out by a competent operator
  • ensure death is confirmed.
1.4 RSPCA Australia is opposed to all inhumane methods of killing.

(adopted 28/03/2018)

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