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RSPCA Policy B6 Transparency, auditing and traceability

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Last updated: 13 Jun, 2018
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6.1 RSPCA Australia encourages farming enterprises to participate in independent audit schemes that improve animal welfare.
6.2 RSPCA Australia believes that regular as well as unannounced on-farm assessments (including animal-based assessments) are important in ensuring farm animal welfare along with benchmarking and improving animal welfare on farm, identifying and resolving animal welfare issues, and improving on-farm animal welfare standards. On-farm assessments must include inspections by the relevant government authority as well as third-party audits.
6.3 RSPCA Australia encourages the provision of information on farm animal welfare to consumers of products derived from animals, including accurate labelling to indicate the source of the product, the type of housing or environment provided, and the standards of husbandry, transport and slaughter.
6.4 RSPCA Australia encourages transparency throughout the supply chain to enable consumers to make informed choices about animal products.

(Reviewed 28/03/2018)

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