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RSPCA Policy B5 Breeding of farm animals

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Last updated: 13 Jun, 2018
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5.1 RSPCA Australia is opposed to the genetic selection of traits for enhanced production capacity where this causes or predisposes the animal to poor welfare, including metabolic or skeletal defects, chronic lameness or pain.
5.2 RSPCA Australia is opposed to breeding programs and reproductive technologies which cause or are likely to cause suffering or damage to any animal involved including the offspring produced.
5.3 RSPCA Australia believes that there is a need for breeding objectives to focus on welfare traits. This includes selection for particular traits which avoid the need for invasive procedures, and the selection against traits which cause or predispose animals to poor welfare including pain and discomfort.
5.4 RSPCA Australia believes that animals must only be selected for breeding if they are physically fit and not sick, injured or likely to suffer adverse welfare outcomes due to mating, pregnancy or birth.
5.5 RSPCA Australia encourages research into and adoption of new technologies that avoid the production and subsequent killing of animals considered surplus to the farming system in which they were born (e.g. male layer chicks, male dairy calves).

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(Reviewed 28/03/2018)

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