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How can I help improve farming practices?

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Last updated: 22 May, 2018
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Some of the ways you can act to help improve livestock farming practices for better animal welfare:

  • learning more about livestock farming practices so that you have the facts right before you act
  • writing to the Australian Government minister for agriculture, your state or territory agriculture (or primary industries) minister, your local MP or the newspapers, expressing your opposition to cruel farming practices
  • choosing to buy food products that are welfare friendly, such as RSPCA Approved pork, poultry and eggs — if the demand for welfare-friendly products increases, producers will have a greater incentive to adopt humane farming practices
  • expressing your views to your local supermarket and asking them to stock welfare-friendly products
  • contributing to RSPCA campaigns (for example, signing petitions and writing letters)
  • sending an e-card from the RSPCA website to friends and family to raise awareness about the issue
  • supporting the work of the RSPCA by buying RSPCA merchandise and donating to the RSPCA
  • supporting the work of other animal welfare organisations, in Australia and overseas, that are working to change farming practices that cause suffering to animals.

To learn more about the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme visit our website.

To learn more about humane farming and shopping for humane food visit Choose Wisely.

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